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Contemporary Periodontics and Implant Surgery

Our office is located on the Upper East Side. Our team provides an exceptional painless dental work. As a Periodontist in NYC my goal is to help you SAVE your Natural Teeth.

Extraction of teeth and preserving the jaw bone with Dental Implant in its Natural state is one of the greatest service we provide for our patients. Our office is equipped with latest technology and instrument to expedite healing for our patients with minimal down time!!!!

Dr. Rahmani specializes in the placement of dental implants and treatment of “”Gum disease”“. As a periodontist in NYC, I can help you retain your natural teeth and educate you on how to take better care of your mouth.

The goal of our practice is to provide personal care, and make sure our patients have a positive and comfortable experience each and every visit. Our staff are highly skilled and our practice has the most advance equipment to treat Gum Disease and restore missing teeth with dental Implants.

Our services include: Periodontal Laser Surgery, Regenerative Therapy, Treatment of Recession “”Gum Grafting”” Extraction, Bone Grafting, “”Gummy Smile”” Treatment, Dental Implant, and Deep Scaling. IV Sedation available by board certified Anesthesiologist to ensure optimal comfort during your treatments.

Gum Graft

Gum grafting can be carried out on gums that have receded, and while it may improve the appearance of a smile, it can also protect your teeth against the effects of gum recession. Gum recession is caused by the gum tissue surrounding teeth beginning to recede, so more of the tooth is visible or even so you can see the roots. This can cause damage to the bone surrounding the tooth.

Lots of people have some degree of gum recession as it is often a side effect of advanced gum disease or periodontal disease. Many people don’t even realize that their gums have receded as it is a gradual process. Over time the teeth can begin to look longer, and they may begin to feel more sensitive particularly when eating hot and cold foods. It is important to treat substantial gum recession as otherwise it could eventually lead to tooth loss, and a gum graft we perform in Midtown Manhattan, NYC office can help restore lost tissues.

Gum Pockets

When you visit your dentist for regular checkups you might be aware they gently probe your gums, and you may hear them reading out various measurements to their assistant. Your gums are probed using a special instrument to see if they bleed at all (bleeding gums), as healthy gums should not bleed when probed. The dental probe is inserted into the small space in between your gum and tooth to measure the overall depth. If you have healthy gums, this depth will be around 3 mm, but any greater could indicate periodontal disease (see: periodontal disease symptoms).

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that creates inflammation in the gum tissue. One effect is to cause the gum tissue to pull away from your teeth. You might notice this occurring and that your teeth begin to look longer than before as the gums recede (see: receding gums symptoms, receding gums causes). The problem with receding gums is that it causes periodontal pockets or gum pockets to develop because the gum tissue will gradually become looser and less tightly fitting around your teeth. Unfortunately gum pockets are the perfect home for the bacteria that caused the infection in the first place, enabling them to multiply and thrive and resulting in even more destruction.

What Is Atraumatic Tooth Extraction?

This might almost sound as if it is a contradiction as many people find the thought of tooth loss quite a traumatic experience, even though the actual process is kept completely pain-free. So what is meant by an atraumatic tooth extraction? In fact this is a technique that is specifically designed to remove teeth using specialized tools while causing minimal damage or trauma to the surrounding bone and tissues. It is perhaps better described as being minimally invasive, which is something that will certainly appeal to anyone faced with tooth loss, and is the technique we use wherever possible at Contemporary Periodontics & Implant Surgery.

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